API batch | How to cipher scheduling URL

Posted over 1 year ago by Julien Pauthier

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Julien Pauthier
Julien Pauthier Admin

API batches can be used to avoid relying on Agendize IDs when using cipherUrl API to prefill contact data into a short URL to the scheduling widget:


POST https://app.agendize.com/api/2.3/batch

    "requests": [
            "path": "/api/2.1/scheduling/companies/YOUR_LOCATION_EXTERNAL_ID",
            "method": "GET",
            "name": "get-location"
            "path": "/api/2.3/companies/${result=get-location:$.id}/cipherUrl",
            "method": "POST",
            "body": {
                "url": "https://app.agendize.com/book/${result=get-location:$.id}/?cs=false&firstname=John&lastname=Doe&phone=0766778899&email=j.doe@test.com",
                "shortener": true

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